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Band Members:
Boyd Lewis: guitars and vocals
J.D. Rowan: recording mastermind/keyboards/backup vocals
Year Est.:
Joined BB on: 11/11/2011
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Views: 2031 Plays: 44
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Hip-Hop/Rap, New Age, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Country
Palm Bay, FL
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Hunter Alan
Angola, IN        Acoustic / Acoustic
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Warren, Pennsylvania’s own Boyd Lewis is a soulful singer/songwriter with a knack for making the ordinary sound extraordinary. The combination of beautiful guitar strumming and his deeply personal lyrics transport you to a place in your memory where you fondly recall a lost love. Lewis mines a significant amount from his own experiences to craft poetry against melody that is reminiscent of Nick Drake. “I always try to keep an open mind to different styles and types of music. I try to never put my own musical tastes on a pedestal, as I know full well that there is always something and someone better. It works out pretty well this way also, because I always find myself learning more every day.” It’s the kind of songwriting that paints vivid pictures of simple iconic imagery and when sung against the lovely guitar foundation, a certain magic is created.

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Swordfights and Fightig
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The Atlantic Always Wins
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The Brighter Side of Things
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The Prelude
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Welcome to Pennsylvania
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