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Female, 39 yrs old.
Music Preference: Hip-Hop/Rap, New Age, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Country
Palm Bay, FL
Joined BB on: 10/13/2011
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  Favorite Bands
Rock / New Age
Coral Gables, FL
Hunter Alan
Acoustic / Acoustic
Angola, IN
Rock / Alternative
South River, NJ
The Dramatics
Punk / Alternative
Seattle, WA
If Bears Were Bees
Alternative / Acoustic
Seattle, WA
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How Long Does It Take To Get MARRIED??

  About Me

I like good music and great food! If you are a band that plays out and want a new fan, invite me along... I am always looking for new sounds!


  Favorite Songs
Where I Need to Be - By QSuzie
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Wicked Angel - By Skelectory
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