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Band Members:
Year Est.: 2006
Joined BB on: 7/11/2012
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Views: 4221 Plays: 99
Fans: 1 View all Fans
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Hip-Hop/Rap, New Age, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Country
Palm Bay, FL
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Mechanicsville, MD        Metal / Avant-Garde
Radio Station:  New Rock
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Skelectory was created as a one man musical project sometime around 2005ÖOr maybe 2006. After recording a (horrible) 4 song demo, Armand (the only member) decided that sucking at music alone isnít as fulfilling as he first thought and started the search for likeminded individuals. In March of 2012 his quest brought him to vocalist and songwriter Zy . With the help of guitarist and a close friend Mr. Maero (formally of Urskumug), Skelectory immediately started recording material thatís been piling up ever since Skelectory was formed.

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Wicked Angel
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