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Band Members:
Shain Honkonen - Vocals, Guitar
Jake Hogeland - Drums
Barry Conaway - Bass
Year Est.: 2008
Joined BB on: 2/22/2012
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Views: 4533 Plays: 13
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Cocoa, FL        Rock / Alternative
Radio Station:  New Rock
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ViliFi is a power rock trio from east central Florida, realized of passion and molded by fate. Singer/guitar, Shain Honkonen leads an expression of music to test the soul. With Jake Hogeland on drums and Barry Conaway on bass, the sounds of ViliFi resonates the bones with a style of melodic rock molded to the intensity and melancholy insanity of contemporary rock. The music is a hybrid: Rock/alternative shaded over in funk. With each musician a solo artist in his own right, the concept of a single musical identity derived from the molding of three uniques gave birth to ViliFi.

Shain Honkonen
It could be argued that Shain is first a poet and then a musician, if there is a difference. His words and his music pull at the emotions while cheering and weeping the storyboard of our lives. He identifies with a motley variety of musical influences; from The Beatles, Marley, and Morrison to Dream Theater, Nirvana, and Tosh. His music and his writing is where he places his soul.

Jake Hogeland
Jake was born a drummer. When on stage, his beat set seems indistinct from any other extension of himself and it is clear that he is most at ease when inside the furious rhythms. With influences from John Bonham to Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan (R.I.P.), Jake’s unique percussion has evolved to the intensity of an intrusive, passionate expression all at once alarming, empowering, and provocative.

Barry Conaway
In his fifth year at Columbia Elementary School, Barry was introduced to what would become one of his primary creative tools to expression: the electric bass. Under the initial tutelage of Terry Wallace he molded his love of music “to have a positive influence. I want people to feel what I feel, that’s what should be portrayed,” he says of his explosively energetic performance. Ryan Marinie of Mudvayne and Eric Bass of Shinedown are some of his greatest influences and when asked of his thoughts regarding VILIFI, his response is stern and quick: “People need to come to a show. It will have a lasting effect on them.”

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